Yeastar Blog | 9 Facts about YMP That Will Impress You

In our recent post Take a closer look at Yeastar Management Plane (YMP), you’ve probably had a quite comprehensive overview of YMP’s streamlined interface already. Actually, central management, scalability, and reliability are just some of its traits. Today, we are going to uncover more about YMP, the reliable and powerful hosted voice service delivery platform. Here are 9 facts about YMP that we believe will impress you.

1) Ease of management. This great benefit justcannot be overstated. When creating PBX for your customers, simply fill in the number of extensions and concurrent calls within your available capacity to allocate different customers’ Then check at any time the status, extensions, concurrent calls, uptime and system version of your customers’ PBXs and even upgrade them all in bulk from YMP centrally. The efforts required to set up new equipment for business communication and retain control will be drastically reduced.

2) Hosting Environment. Host YMP in public cloud platforms, such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud or Google Cloud, or use virtualization software such as VMware, KVM, or Hyper-V, to deploy YMP in your data center (Tier 3 or above). Either way, we prepare you detailed and intuitive deployment guide for your seamless and quick transition to the cloud.

3) Installation. Don’t worry that building the system from the ground up could be cumbersome and energy-consuming. It is not tedious at all. All you need to do is to deploy the server and network, and provide us the requested information. Then just sit back and let us do the rest.

4) No hidden charges. We don’t charge for features or limit your usability. It’s all about PBX instances, extensions and concurrent calls. There’s no extra charges for IVR, music on hold, voicemail to email or anything else. We leave you complete freedom to offer simple (per seat, per month) pricing model to your customers.

5) Multi-level access. The super admin retains total control over YMP while multiple service providers run their business in isolated, yet multi-instance environments. Each can offer hosted voice services to their customers that are managed independently.

6) Multi-site friendly. When asked to connect multiple sites scattered across cities or even countries, you can confidently make a solid guarantee. Besides unifying them all within a single PBX system, different PBXs in the same YMP can also be interconnected.

7) Revenue. The easy scalability means that it’s pretty easy to craft a pay-as-grow pricing model with higher margins, built on decreased expenses, and faster service delivery, by using YMP. It even seems like a pure revenue generation machine with as little of a headache as possible for you. Isn’t that great?

8) Branding opportunity. For a successful business, brand awareness is just as important as top quality product and service. YMP allows for re-branding by placing your own logo, using a custom domain and crafting email templates in your way. It’s a cost effective and personal way to spread positive industry buzz and pave the way for more sales.

9) Stay tuned. As a future-proof platform, YMP is backed by ongoing innovation to make sure you always have access to the latest technology. An experienced and dynamic team is here well prepared to answer to your specific need. More exciting features will be unveiled to make sure you always keep pace with the trend.

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